client experience


Here are the details of two re:Think Consulting assignments that involved strategic change.

The goals were to:
Accelerate Board decision-making
Transform compensation strategy from pre-IPO to public ownership

Highlights of other assignments can be found on our recent work page.

Accelerate Board Decision-Making
re:Think Consulting was invited to work with the Board of an early-stage company experiencing serious cash burn. While the Board members had prestigious business and technical backgrounds, many had less than a year’s experience with the Company, and executive decision-making needed to be accelerated.

We worked with the Board and Senior Management to:
Clarify Board member decision-making roles
  Break down obstacles to effective communication between senior management and the Board
  Maintain team cohesion during a challenging reorganization
Educate employees about changing business conditions

Our efforts provided the Board with an effective catalyst for improved collaboration and sharpened strategic goals.

Transform Compensation Strategy from Pre-IPO to Public Ownership
When an early-stage client was acquired by a multinational, we worked with technical experts and the Board to redesign the compensation program. At our suggestion, an advisory committee was formed to provide feedback to senior management. While the Board had final say, they used the committee as a sounding board for key design decisions. In addition, the committee was instrumental in managing employee expectations of their new Stock Appreciation Rights. The process sent a powerful message about leadership and teamwork in the new organization.